Over 30 years in the recruitment industry and  personal exits worth $23m were just the start of our journey.

We have a unique and unquestioned insight into the global recruitment industry.

We realise and unlock the potential in your existing assets

Scott Morgan
Global Managing Partner
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The heart and soul of our business. Scott brings nearly 30 years of experience and multiple successful exits in the recruitment industry. He is the original investor and brains behind our technology & our Managed Service Expert

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Martina Nezbedova
European Practice Director

Martina runs our European events practice and her 9 languages do come in very useful.

Shaun Davies
Head of Technologies & Development
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Shaun is our smart cookie. He helps us to develop technologies that have a profound impact on our clients businesses and as always he makes them free to use

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Peter Lupton
Global Head of Research Operations & Exits

Peter is a key member of the team and helps us to research new markets almost instantaneously and he is a wizard at identifying opportunities and talent you may have missed