Maximise your Hard Work

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Top of the Mountain
Your Journey

You spend years building your recruitment or search business. There are up's and downs but your business is strong with you at the helm. In todays climate recruitment success is a given

Different Shades of Eggs
The Reality

Most recruitment businesses are only as good the person running it. Without that person the business would fail. Only 2% of recruitment business owners will get an exit, with Fenton that increases to 70%.

Business Meeting
The Solution

To create a recruitment business that transcends you. In fact ,it will thrive and grow without you at the helm. It is the only way to build and exit from your life's achievements. Real Financially Beneficial Exits only happen when your business is in the ascendancy

Stay Engaged

Some of our clients ask to to continue working for them long past the initial engagement. We offer a full range of highly discounted NED services in return for equity in helping you to realise your goals.

Crossing the Finish Line
The End

From Cradle to Grave. Exit achieved.